Album Review: Trixie Mattel – One Stone

Posted by Sarah Lozano March 23, 2018 0 Comment 142 views

51WW10dES5L._SS500One Stone is the second album from RuPaul’s Drag Race All Star’s season 3 winner Brian Firkus, AKA TRIXIE MATTEL. I didn’t listen to Mattel’s debut album Two Birds from 2017 until after I gave One Stone a listen for this review. This album is very impressive and unique from the type of music that we’ve come to expect from a drag queen. Starting with it being a Folk-Country album. Where most drag queens tends to come out with rap songs or dance music One Stone is a purely an Americana album without gimmicks or jokes. While Trixie Mattel is selling the album, it’s actual Brian Firkus’ appreciation for country music that makes this piece so honest and real.

One Stone is seven tracks of real folk-country music and that’s very exciting. Opening up the “Little Sister”. Advice to a small town rebel, perhaps Mattel herself once upon a time. It really sets the mood for album and is quickly followed by the more pop “Break Your Heart”, quick song that’s is like an old girl with glittery guitar Taylor Swift. “Break Your Heart” and “Wind up Man” are the two more campy and pop songs that while entertaining I feel like contrast harshly against the other tracks on the album. They aren’t terrible songs but they don’t have the beauty of the other songs. They will possibly be the most fun to see performed live along with the song “Moving Parts” which is fun and the title of Mattel’s upcoming tour.

My hands down favorite song off the album is “Red Side of the Moon”. Mattel has often sited Dolly Parton as inspiration, even paying tribute the double-diva during a variety show challenge on her winning season. “Red Side of the Moon” is clearly inspired by Parton’s best friend Judy Ogle. Rumors about Parton and Ogle having a secret lesbian relationship are long denied, but Mattel’s reference is still beautiful. Mattel has explain that the song is about loving someone more famous than you, but it also is a somber reminder of long forbidden romance and unrequited love that many queer people can connect to. At some points One Stone does can be heavy on clichés, but “Red Side of the Moon” does show that Mattel can be a strong lyricist. The picture is really painted with her words in this song and it makes you feel every emotion possible.

Overall One Stone is a really well done folk-country album. It’s more country than the lot of the goofier mainstream country music like Florida Georgia Line or Little Big Town. Trixie Mattel isn’t trying to make country cool, Mattel respects country and she knows that it’s cool. With this album debuting #1 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Album charts the mainstream country music stations and culture will get the side-eye if they ignore Trixie Mattel’s enthusiasm and talent.

4/5 Stars

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