Emo Nite – Dallas!

Posted by Lindsey McLemore March 6, 2017 0 Comment 497 views

Every Nite is Emo Nite


I’d been meaning to make a trip out to LA for a while now – Emo Nite, The Riff, it’s guaranteed to be a good time for pop-punk kids like myself. So when Emo Nite announced a tour, I knew this was an opportunity I couldn’t resist.

So I bought my ticket as soon as they went on sale, and convinced two of my best friends to join me.

Even the line outside of RBC, waiting to get in, was singing along, and within five minutes of walking in the door, my favorite band came on.

That sounds like a good night already, but the atmosphere of Emo Nite was beyond just what you get in a bar that plays rock music. Emo Nite feels like you’re at a house party with your closest friends and only the best music.

The guys at Emo Nite say it best themselves. “We are not a band. We are not DJ’s. We throw parties for the music we love.”

Emo Nite (also known as Taking Back Tuesday) is a weekly bar party where fans of pop-punk, emo and hardcore music come together to scream and dance along to their favorite songs.

But it isn’t just fans anymore.

There are special guests almost every week. Big name artists like Mark Hoppus and Mikey Way have made their DJ booth debuts and From First To Last chose to make their Sonny Moore come-back at Emo Nite last month.

Emo Nite Dallas didn’t bring such big names, but celebrity appearances are non-essential when a community of people like this are purely there for the music.

Okay, so the nostalgia was definitely a plus, but music is still the root of it all.

Third String Productions even offered up a free ticket to upcoming (three weeks away!) So What Music Festival to a lucky person wearing a t-shirt of one of the older bands playing this year. (I dug through 10 years of old band t-shirts to find my Cute is What We Aim For shirt, but alas, will still be buying a ticket like the rest of you.)

I may have went with my two best friends, but I made 10 new friends during the night.

We all danced on stage, laughed, smiled, and had the time of our lives, because it turns out …         it’s really hard to be “sad as fuck” when it’s Emo Nite.


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