I Listened to My Boyfriend’s Favorite Podcast LIVE

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After two years of my boyfriend staring at me, eagerly waiting for a laugh while forcing me to listen to his favorite podcast, I finally listened to a full episode of My Brother, My Brother and Me from the comfort of a theatre chair on April 15th 2018. My only exposure to the McElroy brothers was a few clips and my boyfriend’s clumsy attempts to describe funny segments, which he would give up on once he realized I wasn’t actually listening. Well, that and the videos he showed me of Griffin McElroy putting Wii amiibos in his mouth. So while I’m not an expert, I’m not a complete newbie.

Being the perfect loving and supportive girlfriend that I am, I purchased pit seats to this performance for my boyfriend’s birthday. And since I’m always in need of content, I chose to actually pay attention and take notes so I could write this review. I was worried that this event wasn’t going to be all that because, according to the boy, the brothers had mentioned that the show hadn’t sold out and were seemingly desperate to sell these tickets. So I was surprised when I entered Jones Hall and found the venue filled almost to capacity. I almost lost my boyfriend twice in the giant room of geeky white people before we found our seats.

The show opened up with Shmanners, a podcast hosted by husband and wife duo Travis and Teresa McElroy. From what I gather, Shmanners is about manners and etiquette and is mostly Teresa McElroy trying to educate the listeners while her husband attempts to make jokes. They covered Cowboy etiquette. Despite being a McElroy fan, my boyfriend has never been interested in this podcast, but I found it rather delightful. Sure you find more cowboys in a place like Dallas than Houston, but it’s the thought that counts.

Next up all 3 brothers came on stage for their taping. Justin McElroy immediately won over the audience by using every Houston nickname he could find on Wikipedia (Clutch City is my favorite). He also made an excellent choice of standing off the side of the stage at a separate microphone that their father had used to announce them. That bit lasted for about five seconds before he went to sit alongside Travis and Griffin at the center of the stage. After watching them live I finally understand the charm and appeal of the brothers. They aren’t the cringey, weird white guys that I’ve always assumed they were. They are relatively woke and genuinely thoughtful people.

They made the most of every question they were asked, even this super awkward one where a guy asked who was the most “powerful.” It’s sometimes difficult to listen to audience questions or participation during a podcast; most of the time they’re normal people who just want to talk on a microphone but have no idea how to do so. Like eager kids, they can sometimes sound nervous or ask questions that aren’t quite thought out. The brothers actually do a really great job of making their audience, especially the ones asking them questions, feel comfortable, despite them not knowing how to actually help them at all and still find the comedy in the subjects they’re speaking about.

It was a really fun time and I’d be happy to see the brothers again, either live or just whenever I’ve run out of true crime podcasts to listen to(I recommend Last Podcast on the Left or My Favorite Murder, btw).

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