Lakeshore – 41 Review

Posted by Lindsey Hawken August 15, 2017 0 Comment 333 views

Lakeshore – 41

Started by founding and former members of the band Emmure, brothers Joe and Ben Lionetti’s new project Lakeshore was something I did not expect. Their debut EP 41 is unique and completely different than anything that I’ve heard in the scene for quite some time. Almost completely clean-vocalist with zero heavy breakdowns they are as far removed from Emmure as they can possibly be. Starting out with a fiercely dramatic opening track “Heart (to the Fans)” the tone is instant set for how the rest of the EP will sound. Each track blends seamlessly into each other. With titles like “Welcome to Oz” and “Pure//Imagination” there is a touch of the theatrics in the sound and overall aesthetics, but not to the point where it feels the least bit gimmicky.

Keeping with the theatrics though does cause the lyrics of the album to lack a bit for me. Take the track “Kings (The Reawakening)” while the sound is fantastic and layered beautifully the lyrics clearly reference Alice in Wonderland, but the references didn’t seem clever enough for me. With research I discovered that the song was dedicated to Mitch Luker, the late lead vocalist of Suicide Silence that tragically passed away due to a motorcycle accident in 2012. This does make a particular lyric in the song “Sons and daughters you could be kings and queens; follow your heart and keep on listening” stand out and relate to the subject better. The lyrics aren’t bad, they just aren’t transformative enough with the references for my taste. I give the band many props for staying on brand to really create what feels like a well-rounded vision for the EP.

My personal favorite track off 41 is “History”. It’s a more poppy than the other songs on the album but it carries all the great things that I liked from the other songs. Overall I find the album enjoyable. It’s a quick listen and very refreshing. There is plenty of time for the band to grow lyrically for me, but by no means did they play it safe. With band members who have been around the block and had their time in the spotlight I think the band knows exactly where to go from here and what to focus their attention on next. This is an EP created by a band that seems to care about the music first and foremost. If I’m being honest it is something that scene is has been missing for years and newer bands can really learn from this album. There still needs to be a little more, but I believe by their full-length album it’ll perfect.


3.5/5 Stars


Written by Sarah Lozano

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