New Hoodie Allen album, “The Hype” Coming Sept. 29

Posted by Lindsey McLemore August 23, 2017 0 Comment 278 views

Hoodie Allen - The Hype

Hoodie Allen just announced his latest album, “The Hype,” coming out September 29.

After teasing the album for a few days since his birthday on August 19 (happy belated birthday to the man himself, of course), Hoodie Allen dropped a video, album title/cover, and release date like a bomb.

And on top of all that, the first single comes out this Friday.

A new look for Hoodie Allen’s website and Twitter, is designed around “The Hype (Album Trailer),” a video with a preview of “Believe,” which is the first sample released from the upcoming album.

The trailer clearly shows one thing – Hoodie Allen didn’t come here to play games this time.

The video features a young Hoodie Allen listening to music and writing rhymes (‘Believe’ lyrics) in his room, instead of doing math homework. Then young Hoodie hides the rhymes, when Mom peeks her head in from behind a Blink-182 postered bedroom door.

Next we see young Hoodie buying a gold chain that says, “The Hype,” and then a run-in with some other kids that leaves us wanting more.

I think what we’re getting here, is authentic Hoodie Allen.

There are so many subtle nods to things he’s interested in and who he is as a person, that I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the video was actually filmed in his childhood bedroom.

And you know what? I could not be more excited for this upcoming album.

Hoodie Allen - The Hype

I guess my question for you is…

Do you believe The Hype?



Hoodie sent the following message to fans, describing the album:

‘The Hype’ is a story of a boy who finally gets what he’s been chasing after his whole life only to realize that the destination is only the beginning of his journey.This one’s for the hopelessly ambitious who find their dreams while others go to sleep. This one is  It’s for anyone who knows that to feel love sometimes you need a little heartbreak. This story would be impossible without All American. But this ain’t a sequel. This is THE HYPE.

-Hoodie Allen

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