The Killers’ “Wonderful Wonderful”

Posted by Lindsey McLemore September 23, 2017 0 Comment 134 views


The Killers released their fifth studio album, “Wonderful Wonderful” Friday, September 22.

And while the album didn’t necessarily receiveĀ bad reviews, as of Friday night, the bands’ performance of “The Man” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert seems to have gotten significantly more attention than the album.

With the symbols for Mars and Venus lit up brighter than the trademark Killers logo combined with that much purple, I was practically expecting a Prince cover. But it was entertaining, and largely different from my experience seeing them perform at Lollapalooza earlier this year. So, I suggest you watch.


And at this point you must be asking, “Lindsey why are you bitching about people not talking about the album, and then waste time still not talking about the album?

Well, to be honest … I’m stalling. Which is actually a perfect way to describe how I felt listening to the album. There was almost none of the excitement that I’ve come to associate with The Killers.

The title track (also the first) is more than five minutes long. That’s a lot to get through on a first-listen.

In an age of streaming listeners have the freedom to listen to this album in any order they want, but track listing is still important, and even I struggled against the urge to skip to the next track after about three minutes.

Finally, half way through the album, I found that excitement and energy I was looking for. “Run For Cover,” and “Tyson vs Douglas” demanded my full attention. Finally, it felt like The Killers again. Then it was gone almost as soon as it came.

“The Calling” brought things back, and the message of “Have All The Songs Been Written?” has me asking the same thing.


Is this it for The Killers?


“Wonderful Wonderful” isn’t a bad album, but The Killers can do better.



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