VitalPlaylist Vol 1: Hot Topic Love Songs

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Welcome to Vital Playlist, Sarah Lozano’s new biweekly column in which she finally gets to put her useless talent for making really good playlists to work.


As a young music lover I first started making my own playlists when I realized I had better taste than most of my friends. This was around the 7th grade when I was determined to get everyone, mainly my crushes, into all of my favorite bands. Nothing was more of a turn off than someone who didn’t like the same music as me, which at the time meant anything blasting in the background while I sifted through studded belts and band tees at Hot Topic. It was a time of boys in skinny jeans and MySpace statuses. Falling in love was a mystery to all of us. All that in mind, I’ve concocted a Hot Topic Love Song mix of songs that gave us all butterflies in middle school and might still give us a few today.


Paramore – “Decode”

Before the Grammy award-winning band became a phenomena of its own, Paramore joined Muse and Mutemath on the soundtrack for 2008’s first Twilight film. The inclusion of Paramore was a perfect marriage of everything the Hot Topic teen’s heart loved. It didn’t matter if you were Team Edward or Jacob, because in ’08 all Hot Topic teenagers were Team Hayley Williams. The cherry-red haired Williams was a fan of Twilight like the rest of us and was super excited to write a song about Edward and Bella’s romance. Although most of us aren’t falling in love with sparkly vampires, “Decode” is still a love song with plenty of heart.


Spark the Rescue – “We Love Like Vampires”

I swear vampires aren’t the theme of this mix. “We Love Like Vampires” by Spark the Rescue is just a song full of joy. Alongside the campy music video where band members wore plastic fangs, “We Love Like Vampires” perfectly captures our first romance and the positive vibes that come with falling in love. This song was definitely playing in the background during late-night IMs and sidekick text messages with the cutest boy (or girl) at that summer’s Warped Tour.


Boys Like Girls – “Thunder”

A romantic playlist isn’t complete without a little acoustic guitar. Boys Like Girls had the bangs, the skinny jeans, and a lot of love to give. They penned plenty of romantic songs in the 2000s but something about “Thunder” stands out as worthy of being on this playlist. Maybe it’s because The Soundtrack of Your Summer tour was the first concert a lot of us attended. Maybe it’s because the innocent lyrics perfectly capture everything we wanted someone, anyone, to say to us. We all wanted to be someone’s Thunder, though preferably frontman Martin Johnson’s Thunder who is now in a new wave band (how things change).


Automatic Loveletter – “Make-up Smeared Eyes (Acoustic Version)”

Romance isn’t without heartbreak. Before gracing the stage of “The Voice” in 2012, Juliet Simms was a sad girl with a guitar playing alongside her brother Tommy Simms and drummer Daniel Currier. Automatic Loveletter never made it big, but their Recover EP contained one of the most crushing songs of the MySpace generation. Make-up Smeared Eyes inspired legions of girls with raspy voices and way too much eyeliner to pick up a guitar and sing of lost love they’d never actually experienced at their middle school talent show.. Juliet Simms put the emo in emotional while strumming the tearful song the we listened to when that cute boy at Taco Bell didn’t call us back.

All Time Low – “Jasey Rae”

Between Holly, Maria, and Jasey Rae, Baltimore heroes All Time Low sure loved putting girls’ names in their songs. Alex, Jack, Rian, and Zack created some of the best pop punk love songs of all time, so the decision to pick just one was difficult. In a perfect world, most mixtapes would just be All Time Low track after All Time Low track, but we’re trying to be diverse here. Jasey Rae, anyway you cut it, acoustic or original, is a great song about a guy apologizing for being a jerk. This apologetic song highlights all the complexity of a relationship like your friends Jenny and Mike who constantly fought but made it to prom (we were rooting for you two), And if the themes alone don’t earn it’s place as one of All Time Low’s greatest songs the lyrics are great and made the perfect signature for your LiveJournal account. And who isn’t guilty of writing a Jack fanfic titled “Gamble with Desire”.


Mayday Parade – “Jamie All Over”

I couldn’t make a romance playlist without including a song from Mayday Parade’s A Lesson in Romantics. Closing out the playlist, this song is a perfect one about a dream that never has to end. It’s a simple song about sunsets, sex on the beach, sunsets, falling asleep together, California, sunrises, and, oh, more sunsets. Jamie All Over had everyone never wanting to trade California for Georgia even though we had never been to either.

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